WE have collected $1,537,019.12!


DIMES FOR HUNGER is one of the collaborative ministries of Providence Presbytery.

Working TOGETHER since 1977,

WE have collected $1,537,019.12!

That is 15,370,191 dimes!


Can you visualize that many dimes?


200 dimes = 1 pound

15,370,191 dimes = 76,850.95 pounds

15,370,191 dimes = 38.42 tons!


The diameter of one dime is .706 inch

15,370,191 dimes = 10,851,355 inches

15,370,191 dimes = 904,279.57 feet

15,370,191 dimes = 171.26 miles!


If you started at the Presbytery Office in Rock Hill and laid 15,370,191 dimes end to end,

you could almost get to Myrtle Beach 🙂


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