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We are so excited about Dimes for Hunger this year.  Check out the resources for your 2017 Dimes for Hunger Month here: Advertisements

WE have collected $1,537,019.12!

DIMES FOR HUNGER is one of the collaborative ministries of Providence Presbytery. Working TOGETHER since 1977, WE have collected $1,537,019.12! That is 15,370,191 dimes!   Can you visualize that many dimes?   200 dimes = 1 pound 15,370,191 dimes = 76,850.95 pounds 15,370,191 dimes = 38.42 tons!   The diameter of one dime is .706 […]

2015 Dimes for Hunger

DIMES FOR HUNGER DATES FOR 2015: Sunday, August 2 – Minute for Dimes Sunday [visits to all churches during morning worship] 5:30 PM Sunday, August 16 – Dimes for Hunger Kick-off                                  Dinner   If your church does Dimes for Hunger at time other than September, October or November, please contact Barbara at the Presbytery […]

Dimes for Hunger 2014 Materials Available

Flyer: Dimes for Hunger Bulletin Insert: dfh_bulletin_insert_2014 Children’s Sermons dfh_children_sermon1 dfh_children_sermon2 dfh_children_sermon4 Placemat: dfh_placemat_back with agencies dfh_placemat_front Posters: dfh_poster1_chicks dfh_poster2_potatoes dfh_poster3_food_pantry

29 churches gave at least $9.30 per member to DFH in 2013!

  Beaver Creek Community Hermon Old Waxhaw Beersheba                            Cornwell                                                Hopewell                               Pleasant Grove – C Bethune                                 Fishing Creek                       Kershaw First                       Tirzah – L Bowling Green                     Fort Lawn                              Lockhart                                                Tirzah – Y Cane Creek                          Grace – L                             Messiah                                 Union […]

2013 Dimes for Hunger Offering $50,166.12

2013 Dimes for Hunger “You give them something to eat.” Mark 6:37 2013 Hunger Action Team Goal for DFH — $61,000 2013 Dimes for Hunger Offering — $50,166.12 2013 DFH was $1008 LESS than 2012 DFH THANK YOU FOR YOUR DIMES…and dollars!

What are my Dimes used for?

Some of the recipients of your Dimes tell you about the impact they have on real people in our presbytery’s bounds